The other day Colin and I were dreaming and talking about what our job possibilities would be if we moved somewhere else in the country. I felt encouraged to be able to say that work as an aid should be relatively transitional as there are schools everywhere, but also that even if that didn't work out, I could still be a nanny.20120621-151649.jpg

Oddly, my great love of childcare on a single family basis has always been a little conflicting for me. I think some of this conflict comes as a result of the questions that are frequently asked when people discover I am a nanny. Wondering if this is just a transitional job, if I am doing this while I am in school and what I actually hope to do. Now those questions have been on the mark, it has been in a period of transition, it has been when I am in school for a different career choice. But I often wonder if it would be "okay" if I continued nannying as my preferred line of work.

I just think there's something about a baby's giggle, a chatty three year old, an inquisitive five year old or a ten year old's growing personality and humor. There's something about learning how to deal with kids equally. There's something about getting paid to play at the park....right?




This all comes back to social norms, and what we deem as 'success'. Unfortunately my ideas of success might appear a little skewed sometimes, but I hope I can gain a little courage and continue to do what brings me joy, wherever life happens to lead us.