I was sitting on the C-train today in midday heat, the aircon pumping as it rushing past sunny neighborhoods and whirring tunnels. Most Calgarians were heading into downtown for Stampede so my train to the outskirts was fairly quiet and I drank in the cool and calm of the ride.Then I got a fluttering feeling in my chest, the sound of the rails, the blowing air, and the haze of sunlight instantly took me back to other train rides in other countries. Early morning sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur, an escape from the humidity in Toronto... This was just what it felt like...



Typically in this situation I would wallow in heartbreak amidst a seizure of wanderlust. I would frighten Colin with machinegun texts about spontaneity and adventure and needing to go somewhere RIGHT NOW. He would try to fend of the attack with realistic reminders of jobs and the student loans we have to pay and the unity tree we have to water every two days...

This time, though, I decided to take a couple deep breaths and appreciate the moment for what it was: Amazing how the senses can take us back to a place in one unassuming moment. How our experiences are not lived once and then forgotten, but can be recalled by a smell or a breeze, years later... When we take walks on a warm summer night and we can faintly make out fireflies glowing in the forest of our childhood.

20120713-151555.jpg The taste of jasmine tea and the very small Cambodian restaurant we sipped it in.
20120713-151327.jpg A glaring sun which brings out the smell of pavement and plastic which smells the same on a summer day in Calgary as it does in Manilla or Mumbai.



These are gifts.