Taking time

Despite our best efforts, the end of summer has slowly rolled around the corner and into our lives. I've been feeling a tinge of a few different feelings...the need to get as many last minute jobs in as possible, the desire to jam pack these free days with as many sunny activities as possible, and the responsibility of a new school year kicking in.

Amidst it all I have developed a new priority that seems to be coming out on top of the pack.
Soul filling time.
Sounds a little spacey, I know. But it is SO good. You've probably heard it before, finding those moments in your day for some 'down time' or in more specific terms, taking time for: exercise, napping, reading, sitting to eat your food, 8 cups of water, etc.
Have you taken the time to figure out how those fit into your life? Exercise, for me, isn't a 10km run or anything taking place in a gym facility. I like freedom and mixing it up. Or reading? Maybe you're trying to fit in the space of reading but you never read because you're not actually that interested in your material...

So, there is something fun about the exploration of what really fills your soul. Spend a few mornings on it (or afternoons, if you're not a morning person like I am). Try a different exercise or a new kind of music. Take some time to sit in the moment and listen to how your spirit feels. Is it agitated? Then powerful orchestral compositions is probably not what it wants to be listening to. Bored? Maybe yoga is not a good fit for now.

And I know it's difficult to make time for this. People have a lot going on. But it's so SO good for you...

Here is what I am discovering:

-I am a morning person, so I have to utilize my morning energy. Even if I have lots of time in the morning, I get up as soon as Colin leaves for work so I have time to take it slow as well as get other things done, such as laundry :(

-Breakfast rocks my world. I've started to try out recipes different than my usual egg and toast, and it fills me up. Weird I know. But combine my love for cooking with a delicious breakfast and it's an easy win.


-Tea. But not just regular tea. A pot of tea. It's super classy right?


-A candle can make all the difference...


-I used to think jazz annoyed me, or that I didn't get it, but I was listening to the wrong kind of jazz. I've recently discovered mellow jazz and it is now how I start my mornings. If you have an iPhone I strongly recommend you get the 'Songza' app. It has thousands of playlists based on your mood or genre of preference and the music is all free. So good.

-Nature walks. This isn't something I can fit in as frequently, maybe only once a week. But when I do it does WONDERS. This is exercise that shouldn't even count, it feels so good. My soul comes close to exploding when I'm waking about amidst trees.


So what is it your soul desperately needs you to do? For the good of your body and mind? And all your relationships? Do it!