Things Thursday

20120913-120541.jpg A couple weeks ago I got rid of Facebook and was determined to keep up my blog. Clearly that has not happened, so I decided to start a weekly segment, to at least make sure I'm on here weekly.

I find Thursday to be one of the dullest day of the week, so what better day to dig deep and think of those seemingly insignificant things they bring me a lot of joy. As you may have's called:

THINGS Thursday!

1) On my drive home today I put on the Songza's Bollywood mix to see if that would cheer me from the traffic. The very first track was the title track from the only Bollywood movie I've watched and actually own. You can bet that singing those sweet made up Hindi words sure made all the other drivers drivers disappear.

2) T&T market. Anyone been there? It feels like I've been transported back to SE Asia...which nearly cures me of my wanderlust for the low cost of a HiChew!

3) A little one falling asleep in my arms. Sometimes my job requires magical moments such as "rocking a precious babe to sleep" and I soak it right up.

How about you? What Things sparked your Thursday?