Thursdays man. They are hard!  Worse than Mondays sometimes. I guess that's one of the reasons I decided to make TT a thing.

Because there is so much I could complain about on this particular day of the week. And now I have to purposefully focus on the opposite of all of that complain-worthy material. Here goes...

  1. The lightest snowflakes falling in the air.  Not the blizzard ones, not the huge fluffy ones, but those ever so delicate flakes that you can barely see except for when the light hits them in just the right spot.  Those are a treat.
  2. Making people laugh.  I'm admitting something pretty personal here in TT today.  You see, making people laugh gives me one of the happiest feelings ever.  When I do, I feel a boost of energy to be able to take on the day.  A little glow.  We like to say, "anything for a laugh", and it's true.  Sometimes I'll mercilessly tickle Colin just to make myself feel better.  Anything for a laugh indeed.
  3. That game that you play with kids that simply involves chasing and hug-catching them.  When the preschool I volunteer at has outdoor time, most kids could play that the ENTIRE time.  They laugh so hard.  And even the most frustrating kid gets into it.  And  when I chase and hug that frustrating child and they giggle their wee little face off, they aren't so frustrating anymore, and it reminds me why I adore what I do.  People, children deserve love no matter how frustrating they are, and if you don't get that, you better get out there and start playing some chase-hug-catch!!


What made your Thursday?