This weekend we went out to Canmore for a little mountain escape.  We had been planning and looking forward to this for a couple weeks and it did not disappoint.How amazing is it that we Calgarians live less than an hour from the Rocky Mountains and can just go for a walk to experience their wonder?

Snow fell last week, so the scenery yielded an entirely different feel.  Heavy tufts of snow rested on all the upper branches, frost hung on the grass and the leaves, and icicles were already taking their place on rock ledges and water falls.

I've mentioned this book before, but "15 Minutes Outside" is about a mom who gets intentional about her outside time with her kids, and what a difference it made.  One thing that stuck with me is her outlook on winter.  It's hard, and it takes some extra work to get out there, but once outside, creativity and enjoyment abound in their own unique ways.

I made it my goal to take that to heart this winter.  In my past 10 years in Calgary I've gone through the very slow evolution of hating winter's guts, to choosing not to complain about it, to looking forward to certain parts of it.  Now the next step is to put in my best effort to enjoy winter as much as possible, and not just wait for the enjoyment to come to me.  Our little Canmore escape was a step in the right direction and definitely showed me the benefits.

Maybe I should make a bucket list?  Skating all the ODR's in Calgary...Skating on a frozen lake...a winter picnic...checking out all the winter festivals in the surrounding area... All I need is hot chocolate in hand and this could be the best winter ever!