Your day off tells you what you love, and what you need.

Painting, reading, gaming, cooking...

Cleaning, shopping, sleeping...

With people.  Alone.

The Day Off is a blessed thing.


I find it funny how much of my true self comes out on days off.
Lately, they've been looking something like this:

1) Make no plans.
2) 8:30 am, wake up.  10 minutes later BOUND OUT OF BED with a great idea.
3) Quickly get dressed, eat breakfast, pack a snack and a camera.
4) Drive into nature.
5) Avoid all people.
6) Walk for hours.

It's so wonderful!  And I find it interesting how it meets my needs for a few things.
One of those things is spontaneity.  I've learned that, in contrast with Colin, I am actually rather spontaneous.  And I am a morning person.  Those two things combined can be dreadful for someone who likes to sleep in and take their time on days off.  On my day off I can be as spontaneous as I want!  I can get up at 6 am for all I care!  And go to Jasper!  It's my day off!

Another one of my needs is space.  I've learned over the past few years that I am in fact an introvert in my soul.  I love people, and enjoying the company of my dear friends is a treasure to me.  But the feeling of being alone, for my soul, is magic.  So sweet and replenishing.  Being able to walk and walk without aim amidst the birds and the trees, that is glorious.  And then I get wacky and hide behind trees when I see other walkers...weirdo...


I love real life, but I also love that making time for a Day Off  is a real thing.
How blessed are we that we can take reserved time and spend it being fully ourselves and refreshing our souls?  

What is your ultimate Day Off?