Things That Make Me Cry

IMG_9394 I used to pride myself on my resistance to tears and emotion.  I felt like a stone cold fox.  I was strong.  I was better than those 'sissy girls'.

Then I lost control of my emotions for a couple years.  I couldn't feel anything.  I felt all the wrong things.  I didn't cry for a year.  I cried painful tears because I needed to feel something. It wasn't fun.  But I learned through it.

Now I feel I've evened out a bit...with a bent towards the emotional side.  I still struggle with feeling like too many emotions being a sign of weakness, or feeling like when someone else is crying they're expecting me to cry and that makes me mad.  But I also get a tear in my eye and a frog in my throat at the weirdest little things. I'm learning that when something makes me emotional, it's my brain/soul/spirit's way of recognizing and appreciating beauty or brokenness to a depth that I didn't know I had.

But seriously, these things...?!?

  • Watching a 6 year old girl breakdance
  • Reading about a mother who was having a hard time with her kids and her friends helped her out
  • The part in Sherlock when Watson tries to save him
  • An article in the newspaper about a kid who won a spelling bee
  • An article in the newspaper about a kid who's friends with another
  • Kids who are friends with each other
  • Kids who are friends with animals
  • Commercials where a dad is bonding with a kid (this one usually gets a full on sob)
  • When one of the married girls in my small group talks about how much they love their husband
  • When I see someone with a visible disability who is dating/in-love/married
  • Babies
  • Moms
  • Dads
  • Ellen
  • Passion
  • Joy

Youtube, commercials,newspapers, public places...they're emotional landmines. But I'm not mad.