To Serve

ImageI recently read a little post a friend of mine posted on Facebook on a "study" a university classroom did once.  The teacher was explaining to them that socialism can't work, and to prove a point he decided to average every one of their test marks.  Of course the first test comes back and those who worked hard are upset at the lower grade and those who slacked off are fine with the higher grade.  Over the course of the year, the grade average progressively drops as no one wants to take responsibility for studying for a test that they probably will do worse on anyways.  

This all is an example of why socialism never has worked and never will work.  People need goals and the option for success to motivate them.  It's just the way it is.

Well I was a little disappointed.  
I always thought socialism, if only it could work, would be the best way.  
I love the sounds of equality, in fact, fighting for the equal rights and treatment of oppressed people is my current life goal.
But that story made sense to me.  It all lines up.  I know it to be true in my life, and I know it to be true in the lives of those 'oppressed people' who I've worked with.  We want high expectations to strive for. We want the option for the best.  We want quality of life and reward and pride.  

So, of course, that threw my whole political stance into a tizzy

ImageThen I remembered something that I read in my 'organization and leadership' class.  

It was about Servant Leadership which I actually didn't know was a thing in the secular world.  Haha.  Seriously, I had only heard that term in church, so it came to my surprise to see that as a legitimate leadership style.  
It was described like this...

Servant Leadership.

—"Based on the belief that in order to lead one must want to serve others first rather than lead first.
—The attributes are listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to the growth of others, and (a concern for) building community (teams).


Two things kind of hit me after reading this.

  1. This is entirely how Jesus led (hence why I'd only heard it in church), and this is a huge reason why I have discovered him to be worth following.  He was an amazing leader who emphasized servanthood, compassion, healing, growth, and change.
  2. This type of leadership just doesn't exist in our government.  In fact, it would appear to be kind of crazy if it did.  But it's what I wish for.  It's why socialism is just the 'next best' and 'mostly impossible'.  Because I'm dreaming of something even more extreme...

Because this kind of servant leadership would not give us equality, no siree.  
Instead, a servant leader puts themselves down in the dirt to allow a weaker person to climb up.  They give everything so another person can have something.  Equality isn't the goal, simply giving is.    


And yes, I know, it sounds cray cray.
But I think even in the pursuit of equality we start keeping accounts.  When do we stop?  When are they finally equal?  What about those people?  Why don't they contribute?  When have I made us equal enough?
And that breaks everything down to square one.

Whereas, in servanthood, the questions keep moving us and them into the positive.  Do they have what they need?  How can we help?  What change needs to be made? What else needs to happen?

I see so much love in that.

And we all know the world needs some good lovin'