In My Life

I watched Les Misérables for the first time last week (and the second time yesterday).  I only had one quarter of the book left to read but I gave in.  I'm glad I did.
But now, obviously, I can't get the music out of my head and everything seems to relate to the story in some way.  

Today: my blog title. 


But this is truly what is happening in my life these days.  It's big changes my friend!  It doesn't really feel entirely big to me because I'm technically staying in the same place as I have been for the last couple years...but it IS big.  So I'm being symbolic and writing a blog.

My last exam of my Disability Studies Diploma is tomorrow.  It's a computer exam, which seems like a cruel and unusual final blow.  But oh well, it is the last!  
I feel happy to have completed something.  An official "certificate" or walking the stage was never a big draw for me.  I guess I've always enjoyed just working and years of schooling just got in the way of that.  Until the point where I realized what I really wanted to do and also realized that I needed an education to do so.  (I know I know, this is common sense.  But it's annoying common sense, right?)
So then I enjoyed schooling for the most part and decided to actually work hard at it.  It's amazing what those two things can do for a report card...
Now I'm at the end!  
It feels mostly good to be able to work again.  But I am proud.  I am proud that I found something that I am truly passionate about, and gifted in. I am proud of the people that I connected with over the past two years who I can now call on as a rich network.  
And, my dad would often say that he didn't care what my success looked like, as long as I could honestly say that "whatever I did, I worked at it with all of my heart".  And I'm proud to say that this is true.

ImageAnd now, what is next?

This past semester I did my practicum in the Inclusive Post Secondary program at Mount Royal, working under one of my favourite professors.  Interestingly enough, back in November I asked her if she had any job openings.  She did have one that needed to be filled for the new year, but a full Diploma was a requirement and it would have been too much on my plate anyways. Instead I came on as a practicum student and learned the ways of the program.  

As the semester went on, I realized how much I enjoyed the educational and employment side of the field.  I also realized how very passionate I was about creating and advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities.  
A month ago, the individual who was hired for the position I had inquired about decided they wanted to further their education.  This allowed for the perfect transition period and I was asked to join the team!

So that's where I'm at.  I am an, "Educational Facilitator", which means I support students who are pursuing their education at Mount Royal and help them find employment after they graduate.  
I. Am. Pumped.
Seriously I'm restraining my use of exclamation marks.

It feels mostly weird to finally be at a job where I feel I can channel all my energy and possibly see a result.  I'm almost a little nervous for the ways I will grow and be impassioned as I dive into this job (or maybe more nervous for Colin...he's the one who get's the brain explosion at the end of the day)  (AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU'RE ANOTHER DAY OLDER) (okay stop).  But I am so, so excited!

But I have to buy big girl clothes.  Seriously, I have one pair of non-blue jeans and one nice black shirt....HELP