I can't say no to free books...

When my friend told me about a website where I got a free book for reading and reviewing it within 30 days, I was helpless to it.  You say the word "free book" and I don't even need to know what it is, I probably want it.  So I signed up!  It's called the Speakeasy, and features new and upcoming book either written by, or for, Christians.  They send out 50 copies on a first come first serve basis.  I bided my time for one that tickled my fancy and then, of course, chose something that was sure to make it on the 'controversial' list. ImageSo I'll be reading this over the next few weeks, giving it a blog and amazon review.  Woo! Let me set the parameters:

  • I'm not getting paid for this.  But I am getting a free book.  Yes, the title "book-whore" came to mind.  You have permission to read the review blog, or not, or agree, or not.  It is simply a book review, and I don't mean to push any agendas.
  • I have no idea how I'm going to feel about this book.  I chose it because, as most of us know, people who are homosexual and the church do not have a great relationship.  I often hear a lot about this from people who are straight and who love God, but I haven't heard about it from someone who is gay and loves God.  I think it's an important perspective to hear out.
  • What I do know is this:  God loves.  He just does.  And he has asked me to love Him and to love people, and perhaps reading this book will help me to love people better.  I also know that he has laid out guidelines in the Bible for life, and He has done that out of love.  Often those guidelines go against how we people of the world want to live our lives.  So there's that.

And here is a little snippit about the author...

"Sandra Turnbull is an enigma. A YWAM missionary as a young woman, she pastors the Glory Tabernacle Christian Center, a thriving "Spirit-filled" charismatic church in Long Beach, California. Each week she preaches Scripture, with demonstrations of what her congregation names "the manifest presence of God." Her approach to Scripture and theology could be described as "evangelical," "charismatic," and even "conservative." Sandra is also out and lesbian, having been with with her life partner, Janet Robertson, for 25 years... ...No matter where you "stand" on the matter of LGBT inclusion in the life of the Church, Sandra's testimony and her scholarship are certain to challenge you...and just maybe, inspire you."

So get excited people!  :) (And here's the link to the book review site: SpeakEasy)