Can Do

" I became a more capable, energetic, independent, and mentally focused person once my focus shifted from what my body  looks like to what my body can do" That is a quote from this article I read today and was really encouraged by.  I'm encouraged that girls on all points of the weight spectrum are standing up to societal expectations and saying, "Hey, you know what?  No more of these lies" I love that she is looking for the ability, and not the lack of.  I feel that very mindset is integral to so many of this world's discrimination and hate problems.  (You may have heard the phrase, "See ability, seeing beyond disability" which is a tagline for a major disability rights organization).  I think this is also true for our hate towards ourselves.

We need to look for the best in people and allow that same grace for ourselves.  Isn't life more joyful when you can do things out of excitement, challenge, and hope rather than guilt, hate, and fear?


It is so hard to get over our initial habits of criticizing ourselves and comparing ourselves to others, but if we can, where does that leave us?  It looks to me that it leaves us being happy with ourselves and loving others more.  That's the direction I want to move.

So in the quote above, the author encourages us to focus on what we can do. Here are some of my goals:

  • Listen to my body.  I have a happy weight that my body "resets" to, and usually when it rises above that it means that I'm eating too much or not eating well. This mostly means I need to continue to fight back against my addiction to chips...heh heh.
  • I want to be more flexible.  More than anything else!  My current goal is to touch the floor...but I ultimately want to be able to bend right in half like those yogi masters!  It's very long term. Here's something I'll never be able to do but I love to watch it because this girl is so amazing... [youtube]
  • Physically capable and confident enough for a "moderate" level hike.  Maybe next summer!
  • When I see girls who can do full pull ups and push ups I'm like whoa. But I'm kind of scared to make that a goal because that means I'd really have to work hard.  I'll think about it...


So there they are!  You can hold me accountable for those things. You can be like... "Hey, how many bags of chips have you eaten lately?" or "Hey, have you done a daily stretch!?"

What do you want your body to be able to do!?