I have a few drafts started on this blog over the past couple weeks but I can't seem to finish them up.  It feels as though I've been keeping extra doses of anxiety and lackluster feeling at bay and you know how it is, creativity takes a bit of a backseat. The main point of what my serious blogs has been the love  I have for some of the dearest people in my life.  We've been talking a lot about "value" these days.  What attributes value?  What is truly valuable to us?  What isn't really that valuable but we give value because the world tells us to?  Most of the time I come down to the fact that {love and relationship} is the most valuable thing...so despite difficulties and pain, I give thanks for these.

And instead of going any deeper at this point, I'm going to write about nature.

Because that's pretty deep in it's own way, right?

Sunny mountains

Colin mountain

We went out to Kananskis this Saturday and walked around Upper Kananaskis Lake.  We Calgarians have a huge natural playground to the West and I've barely scratched the surface.  I've been feeling an urgency to see more of it.  So we saw 2 lakes and 5 mountains out of 294734 of them*.

*Not accurate data.


Me and moutains

Rainy mountain mid

I figured after 5 hours of walking I would have my fill for a significant amount of time.  Wanderlust would be quelled.  Need for nature quenched.  Alas it was not to be.  It may be my personal concoction of adventuresome and challenge-hungry with a bent towards introversion that just leaves me wanting more.  I pinned pictures of like every national park in Canada this morning to prove it.

Rainy end of walk


But I will hold out for another Saturday.  And overload you with pictures in the meantime.

Colin mountain vertical