Year one

576564_10152877922705245_341285398_n It is June 19th. Do you know what that means? It means we've been married for 13 months! You know what they say about the Baker's Dozen....

I don't really think they say anything about it. But due to the fact that May was one crazy month and Colin and I weren't even together for our 1 year anniversary, I've decided that now was as good a time as ever to write a blog about it.

So one year. It feels so small in light of our whole life. Some people say the first year is the hardest. Other people say it's the honeymoon phase. I'm not really sure what I would classify ours as.

We had a heck of a lot of fun, that's for sure. Endless sleepovers, cooking for and with each other, late night bubble tea runs, road trips, reading in coffee shops, long walks...we went on lots of adventures! We made a home out of our apartment, started a house church with some friends, paid off two thirds of our collective loans, made plans for the future and crossed some significant milestones together.

We also fought. We started to scratch the surface of how very 'oldest child' we both are, in such very different ways. We just do things differently. The are right on par on what we think about things, especially the important things, but often it feels like how we do things is completely opposite. He does not feel the most energetic in the morning. I've started to learn that maybe I don't agree with the, "don't go to sleep upset" advice simply because I don't function well at night. He likes to take time to process things. I want decisions to be made now. So there has definitely been conflict but I don't mind the conflict because I know that it's just helping us learn about each other. If we didn't have that conflict, we might not know when we're doing something frustrating or hurtful.

So maybe you would call it the 'honeymoon phase' because we haven't encountered major struggle yet. I know that will come. Pain, stress, children right!? But I also think we've been realistic too. We've been learning!



And now, second year. I'm even more excited for our second year! I know there is so much learning and adventuring yet to be done, and I am happier than ever that it's Colin I get to do it all with.