Summer lingers...

August was sweet.  Like the golden light at the end of the day, we longed for it and soaked in it and when it left too quickly, we remembered it fondly.

I've been taking as many pictures as possible lately and loving it.  I go through phases of photography insecurity where I feel like my skills are dry and useless and I think, maybe this is it?  But when I push past that and force myself to just practice, my outlook improves and I start just loving the pictures because I love them...not because it's what anyone else might love or what I thought it was supposed to look like.  It feels like a gift, to be able to simply enjoy the things that one creates.

And now it is rainy.  September busyness went from 0 to 60 in a day leaving me no time to even regret the fading of summer.  And aside from the fact that I wore a fall hat and am going to buy my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, I'm going to pretend Fall isn't imminent and live for the weekends in grand summer form for a few more weeks.

And now, some of my favorites...

1149396_10153141409545245_1930310049_o1147627_10153141406580245_213058257_o1167292_10153141404475245_579478356_oMicah amanda1146420_10153118182590245_150061514_o1091151_10153118193090245_1073309672_oHannah1090910_10153118196395245_539732107_o1276715_10153224745750245_1545734143_oNayele1269863_10153224750290245_496380068_o1063966_10153111909285245_1996886600_o1239327_10153224660920245_2010229806_o1272179_10153224668565245_158947842_oMicah ColinBritny Feet

My soul is confused this season, but these moments feel like honey to my heart.  I'll take it.