Anxiety Vs. Gratitude

morraine September is almost done. These days I don't have time for extra things.   Like blogging or reading or walking or going to the gym. You know, the good, fun, healthy stuff. I don't want to sound whiny in this post, but I'm overwhelmed and trying to process through it. I know if I don't have time to do those things above, or even the capacity to make time, then something's got to give eventually. My unfortunate friend, Anxiety, is starting to make a cozy room around my rib cage and I've mostly been allowing it to stay.

Today is Monday, and Monday is a hard day.  So I don't entirely know where to start in getting back to feeling capable and content and in control.  But I did watch this video recently that talked about gratitude, and how happiness is closely tied to the amount of gratitude shown. So maybe to start, I will just tell you some things I am thankful for.

  • I'm so thankful for my family.  I got to spend some great time with some of them this weekend and I felt so blessed to know them.  And so proud.  My siblings are these dynamic, intelligent, and independent people who are going on their own adventures and building their own relationships and I love seeing that.  And my NEW family, well I'm getting to know them more and more all the time and I feel so privileged to have them in my life and to be in theirs. 1269863_10153224750290245_496380068_oImage
  • Nature. I haven't been in it enough, but it makes my spirit light.  The other day I walked through the small green space between my building and the main building at work, and the trees were a cacophony of birds like I'd never heard there before.  I halted there for a moment and just listened, as the smokers looked on in confusion... Or these fall colors?  Or the mountains? two jack
  • Colin makes me feel the strongest and the safest.  He takes me when I'm hyper goof ball, and he takes me when I can't even move off the bed from exhaustion.  He also takes me to the mountains and he takes me out for sushi.  He's my favorite gift. colin
  • And friends who just "get it".  You know those ones?  It's kind of miraculous having those kind of friends. sandals

So those are some things.  And I'm sure with those things in mind, this Monday can't be that bad.