My Burden is Light (occasionally)

bwmountains Lately, my mental health hasn't been great. You know how it is.  Feeling overwhelmed.  Out of control.  Knowing something is wrong but not knowing how to fix it.

Without getting too into it (and also letting you know that I'm working towards health, I promise) I wanted to extend some prayer out to others who may be experiencing this same thing.  Because often, in my hardest moments, the little bit of encouragement I have revolves around this fact: difficult experiences open up the opportunity to draw closer to others. Whether that be the chance to be buoyed by the love and friendship of my closest friends, or the chance to identify with and understand a friend who I wouldn't have understood otherwise.  These things are precious gifts.

My prayer comes out of a momentary sense I had this morning.  As I was walking to work I suddenly became aware of the fact that I felt unusually light.  Was I not wearing enough clothes?  Had I forgotten a bag at home?  Neither of these things was the case, I simply felt unburdened for that 7 minute walk.  The clouding from my head had lifted and there wasn't fear on my chest or anxiety on my back.  And that is all I needed for this day.  For this morning.

So my prayer for you, whoever you may be and whatever you may be experiencing, is that you will have your burden lifted, at least for a moment, perhaps a few minutes, or a whole morning.  I hope you are able to sit in that peace for those few moments and let it fill you.  You may not be completely healed of your sickness, but I hope the reprieve is a sweet gift to you, and can give you enough light for your day.

You are loved, and you are being taken care of.