February got me

We're here on the last day of February and I am here to admit that February really got to me this year.  Actually, it started in January when I was already getting antsy to plan summer trips.  Then February came and I got grumpy and tired and and started eating more sugary foods and wondering if we could take an irrational weekend trip to Mexico and seriously considering retracting my commitment to never go to a tanning salon (I am actually still considering it so I'm telling you to hold me accountable!). So I made it to the end of February, and March doesn't look too good either considering this weekend holds "feels like -30"  temps. I'm in the dumps about things I have no control over, so it's time to get intentional. It's time to get SERIOUS.

Mad at cold

Things to do:

  • If there is sunshine, go for a walk.  Doesn't matter how cold it is, it's more worth it to bundle up and get the vitamin D's than to stay inside and be mad at the cold.
  • Bake bread.  I've been wanting to do this all winter, but haven't yet because it takes time.  But whenever I take time to bake in general, I find the time spent to be therapeutic.  It's time to take the bread plunge.
  • Cuddle more.  I'm not a huge cuddler, but what better time to change that than in a polar vortex!  It will be a happy time with my main squeeze AND it will make me warmer.  Yay!
  • Take myself on a date to the Esker Art Gallery or the Devonian Gardens.  There's tons of natural light, art or plants to enjoy, and it is a warm and fun activity.
  • Put down the damn phone and read.
  • Pick up the damn phone and write an email to a friend I haven't talked to for a while, or call someone I love.
  • Keep exercising and eating fruit and veggies. While I don't necessarily notice a difference while I'm doing these things regularly, I definitely get moodier when I stop doing them.

Things not to do:

  • Give in to all my instant gratification temptations such as eating full bags of chips, throwing triple sugar in my coffee, or buying yoga pants/new shoes/bathing suits/random fitness equipment that I'll likely only use once.  Sure, buying a treat here and there isn't a bad thing.  But I can tell emotional eating/shopping when I see it and it's been trying to reel me in all winter.
  • Complain.  I really really really want to but you know, it doesn't make anything better for me or anyone else.  So I'm going to try really hard to stop.
  • Take my grumpyness out on Colin.  I've been noticing that more often.  I mean he is a great listener and he acknowledges my 'down' feelings, but lately I've been just a little too snippy and I don't like that.

Okay.  Phew.  So I'm going to give it a shot.  Do you have any suggestions for kicking winter-blues butt?

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