It's Really Happening...

The tickets are booked!  The countdown is on! Our long hoped for Japan trip is materializing before us.

I'm a bit loopy with excitement so I'm writing a blog about it.  Need to pass the next 70 days somehow... ;)

Here are some Things I Am Most Looking Forward To:

  1. Food!  Of course.  We are crazy about food, and I can't wait to try (almost) all the things! I realized this morning that for our first anniversary celebratory meal we got funky Japanese food from Guu in Vancouver.  Shortly after our second anniversary this year, we get to eat some funky Japanese food in actual Japan!  I just came across this website which lists the famous foods from all the prefectures and I am so pumped to try some.  Unagi, soba, okonomiyaki...oh my!
  2. Family!  Not only are we going to explore an amazing country, we are going to visit the Chubachi's of Japan.  Colin's dad is the only member of his family who has moved away from Japan, so they're not a group of people we see often.  Colin spent 6 months in Japan previously, but I have only met his cousin who came for our wedding. So, as you can imagine, I am quite excited to meet the rest of the family, as well as spend more time with cousin Tomoya and his wife Keiko!  This gives me a ton of extra incentive to get back on my Japanese language practice, as Colin's grandmother does not communicate in English. Tomoya
  3. Okinawa!  Speaking of Tomoya and Keiko, we have made the tentative plan to head down to the southernmost part of Japan with them for a beach vacation.  From what I gather, Okinawa is to Japan what Hawaii is to the states.  I'm typically more of an off the beaten path, hidden gem traveler, so going to beachy places isn't my first choice, but now that it's in the plans and I've started dreaming about it, I am verrrrry excited.  The sea, the sand, the scubas.  All enticing.
  4. Kyoto! This has long been the place of dreams for me when I imagine visiting Japan.  Steeped in culture and history and much smaller than Tokyo, this is the city I am most excited to visit, especially because we're considering touring it by bike!
  5. Walking!  This is always one of my favorite parts of travel: seeing a city by the streets.  I love getting lost up unique alleyways and coming across hidden parks and observing people who aren't typically observed.  I'm also looking forward to the possibility of doing a hike on some beautiful mountainside.
  6. Photos!  So. Many. Photos.  My blog/Facebook are going to blow up.  I CAN'T WAIT!!

we are japan