Year Two

Oh wow, two years.  Feels like a long time and no time at all. To be honest I get a little insecure about our "age".  It feels like when I did an internship right after I graduated high school and I desperately avoided telling people my age.  While I knew I was competent and mature, I felt that the instant they knew how young I was, I wouldn't be taken seriously; I would be discredited. That seems to be how I feel about two years.  It's not enough time to really know how marriage is.  It's too much fun to be considered legitimate.

So I'm fighting against my insecurities I suppose.  While I agree that we haven't had many major life hurdles (namely..children), I would never look at another person's relationship and say, "well your relationship isn't mature or legitimate because you haven't experienced and/or aren't currently experiencing ______"  so why do I put those conditions on my own?  I need to learn to embrace the current season of our marriage wholeheartedly. It is what it is and that is legit!

Two Years -

This year has been a pretty cool one for us.  We got out of debt.  We started looking at houses.  We planned a trip to Japan!  We went through big job transitions.  We watched people in our family hurt and experienced that loss ourselves.  We spent more time with and felt so happy to be apart of each others family.  We just barely squeezed in a driving allnighter.  We dreamed about the future.  We laughed a LOT.

Here are a couple of things I love about C:

  1.  He is a detailed, organized, perfectionist who is skilled in risk-management.  I am a big picture, reactionary, gets-by-with-enthusiasm dreamer who would prefer to just deal with issues when they come up but hopefully if I just avoid them they will go away....... While I occasionally feel like his delving into the details is killing my dreamer buzz, I have mostly learned to appreciate how incredibly helpful and intelligent he is.  I am slowly learning that when he analyzes all the variables of a very spontaneous plan I develop, it's not because he doesn't want it to happen, it's because he's trying to figure out how it possibly can.  And I'm realizing that when it comes to planning a trip or thinking about a business plan, he is awesome at and sometimes even ENJOYS the parts that make me cringe (and then never do them and feel stressed forever).  Our brains work very differently and that's great.
  2. He is super passionate about the things he loves and inspires others to be super passionate about them too!   It's good Colin got a job for the city because I'm pretty sure Apple and Vitamix would have been knocking on his door soon after.  When he loves something, it's not just a passing phase.  He really enjoys it and he wants others to have the same enjoyable experience!  If it's something he loves and he can see it would make your life easier, richer, more fun...then he does his best to match you with it.  I've always felt like the kind of person who sort of enjoys a lot of different things, and being with someone who really LOVES a few things adds a great richness to life.
  3. He makes life fun, and that is one of my most favorite things in the whole wacky wild world.

Two Years -