Bobbing for Fish

On days 9-10 of our Japan trip, we went to Hiroshima, which was as far south on the bullet train that we travelled. We found out that the weekend we were there was the Toukasan Festival, which is where everyone dresses up in their Yukata ("casual summer kimono") and the streets are lined with brightly lit vendors selling street food, tasty snacks, and offering festival games such as scooping goldfish...

Getting to take part in a local festival was a big thing that I wanted to do while we were in Japan so we were pumped that this happened to coincide with our visit to Hiroshima. While we experienced the most rain here out of our entire month, it created a really cool atmosphere. One of my favorite parts was watching a folk dance performed (like 20 times, I don't know I guess it is THE song for kids to perform) and getting the song stuck in our head which we had to do the awesome actions to for the rest of the night.

The second day we went to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. It was a very sombre and shocking experience, but really a must see to understand the history of the modern world.

That evening we went on to Miyajima, a little island south of Hiroshima which has the Itsukushima Shrine, the floating Tori gate. (travellers trip, the ferry to get here is the only ferry that is free with your JR Rail pass! So worth it) We watched the sunset on the beach as the Tori gate grew orange in the dark, and it was really stunning.

Oh yea, and we got Indian food in Hiroshima. I don't really know why we decided on Indian food, but I'm so glad we did, because the naan was twice as big as my head and delicious. Awesome.