Okinawa (again)

Wellllll it's officially been half a year since we were in Japan and I am officially halfway through editing the photos of our trip! Haha. Think I'll EVER get to all the video we took?? It continues to be a treat to sit down when I have the time and think back on the little things that I may have forgotten, and rememeber the smells and sights and feelings I felt while there.

I already have posted a blog of Okinawa pictures that you can see here, so some of these photos may be repeats, but I didn't go through all of them and I liked it so much I figured it would be worth it to post a more extensive blog.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Okinawa was visiting Okinawa World, which is set over top the Gyukusendo Cave. It's one of the longest caves in all of Japan and it was very cool to see the incredible limestone formations. After that we watched a performance of traditional Okinawan song and dance, and got some amazing shaved ice. We then head over to our accomodations which were these adorable little cabins that looked out over the sea. Tomoya and Keiko grilled us up a meal of Yakiniku, which is basically just various grilled meats.

Over the next couple days we went to the beach (I want to live there), the aquarium (Whale-sharks! OMG!), Sefa-Utaki in the pouring rain (sacred site of ancient Okinawan mountain worship), a couple Okinawan restaurants for dinner (seaweed and Okinawa soba..yum!), Kouri Island (rainy hidden beaches) and explored a little bit of Naha touristy nightlife. Sometimes I can't believe how much we packed in, and I'm so glad we did.

Enjoy the photos! Thanks for experiencing the journey with me :)

Here are some of Colin and my Instagrams, which capture a little more of what we saw! 

Okinawa ok👌 #japanisnihon

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Colin said this above photo was in Osaka but in fact it was Okinawa!  The whale sharks were not in fact present at the Osaka aquarium (how the heck do they transport those things!?)

Quit being so crabby.

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Made me think of this, "The veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth shook and the rocks were split"

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