Osaka Rocka

Osaka oh my gosha.

Looking back on these photos makes me so happy. Yes it's now been 3 months and I've just finished editing the first week of our photos, but hey, life right? And now that life isn't so busy, I feel I am able to fully enjoy the sensations these photos bring back. The intense lights. The grungy streets. The lively crowds. The delicious, oily foods.

The first several photos are of Dotonbori, the intense tourist and nightlife district. I keep starting and rewriting sentances because it's hard to put into words the intensity of it. Lets just say it was bold in all manners. We of course had to try some street food here so we got gyoza (yum) and takoyaki (deep fried dough with octopus inside, not my favorite). After walking around and seeing all the famous signs, we headed back to a Izakaya which earlier a young man had tried to convince us to come into (it worked!). The Izakaya was several stories up and we enjoyed cheap appies and various cocktails which all added to the magic of the night.

The second half of the photos in this post are of Osaka Castle! This was a very large castle with lots of tourists, and one of our favorite parts was when, like typical Canadians, we found a quiet garden on the other side of the castle which we had to ourselves.

Finally, we went to the Umeda Sky building where we rode escalators through the sky and had a panoramic view of the city before we were to leave it. While Osaka is not the prettiest city in Japan, it was a ton of fun!