The 2014 Recap!

Why am I so slow these days? We're almost done January and I still haven't done a 2014 recap. But I didn't want to let it slide, because these years are meant to be appreciated!

2014 was a pretty special one. And you know how it is, we tend to take pictures of the pretty things and not the difficult things so I can see how it would look all bright and shiny from the outside. But the truth is, the difficult things are what make the richness in some of these photos even more apparent to me. I will take that all as part of the gift.


This is the month I turned 25 and stopped feeling like my job was going to kill me!  I don't remember much about this month because I think I was still reeling from my first semester of work.  From the looks of Instagram, we started trying lots of new things, like snowshoeing and squash!  I also think this may have been when Colin and I really started collaborating more in my photography business, as you can see from this cute photo below which was for our Valentine promo.

2014 Recap -


We went on our first winter hike was tough (for me) and which I am proud of.  

My dad started dialysis.  This was a bit of a rough time in various ways, but I will say that I am thankful for the fact that dialysis exists and that it keeps people alive when their kidneys have stopped doing their job.  I am thankful for that bizarre blood-cleaning machine that someone invented and for the kind nurses who worked with my dad and others at the clinic, because I think they made it a warmer place.

2014 Recap -
2014 Recap -


This year we started hanging out lots more with Colin's sister and brother-in-law (probably largely as a result of them moving a few hours closer!) which has been so nice.  They took us to some pretty magical places in the mountains which I just can't get enough of.  


....was scenic, apparently.


We went on a couple road trips to hang out with people we really like.  Makes me feel rich just looking at these photos.

Colin and I did our first all-night drive out to Vancouver.  The memory is always better than the actual experience right? Because I want to do it again!


In June we went to Japan for 4 whole weeks which was so crazy and awesome, and you already know about from several blog posts, so I'll just add a few pictures from it.  Weirdly, one of the things I've learned to appreciate are the fights Colin and I had when we were there.  They make me sad that they happened and affected certain days of our time there, but I know that we had them because we were learning so much about being in a relationship while we were there.  We were in completely new, different, and sometimes stressful situations and had honestly didn't know how each other dealt with this, and I think that's really why any of the fights happened.  The fact that we got through them and still had a wonderful time teaches me that we can do it again, whether it be travelling or other life-change situations.

In this month (well, technically the end of May, but in my head I compartmentalize it in June since we sadly weren't there) my mom gave her kidney to my dad.  It was the end of a long long wait and a gift.  It also was the start of recovery, as well as other sorts of adjustment and growth within my family.  Looking back, I'm just thankful that the overarching theme 7 months later is that we just love each other a lot.


This month was a bit of a whirlwind but really a lot of fun.  I got to go to Ontario twice, first for a conference on Inclusion in Toronto. I love how big and old and multicultural it is, so getting to spend a few days there to explore is always a treat.  Next time Colin DEFINITELY needs to come with me.  I also got to see a couple lovely friends while I was there which I loved.  Oh and I drank wine and ate beef tartar while unbeknownst to me I was a couple weeks pregnant...eep!

The second time was to photograph a wedding of some friends and that was so fun.  Probably one of my favorite weddings due to location, people, and general laid back atmosphere.  I got to spend a couple days in Owen Sound and area, where I spent my magical growing up years, and then visited my grandparents in cottage country for a couple nights.

I also spent a day out in Kananaskis with my youngest sister.  We'd never really hung out like that before, so it was pretty special. I look forward to more days like that.


We went to this magical waterfall that I want to go back to.  All I can remember is that, while we were busy, I feel like I napped every moment I could.

2014 Recap -


We announced we were pregnant! I was experiencing the tiredness of first trimester and got really behind in photos...I think?  I don't know. We had a picnic by a river! There was a crazy ass snow storm! I look like a miniature version of my current self in this photo. Wow.


In this month, Colin's sister had a baby!  We fell head over heals crazy for Wyatt, and wondered at how a tiny human who does nothing but twitch and sleep could be so dang riveting.

2014 Recap -


As you can see with the diminishing amount of pictures, I am still backlogged with my 2014 fun photos. November was actually quite sweet amid the craziness of moving to our first house.  Colin and I got away to Whitefish for a weekend which was sort of a "babymoon"/pre-moving-breath weekend and I'm so glad we did.  We explored the empty town, cozied up in our King size bed, and enjoyed a hot tub in evening rain.  We left refreshed and feeling like we need to do this every year.

THEN we moved.  It was actually relatively pain free, looking back. We had incredible help from family and friends, and we were just riding on a wave of excitement from the moment we got our key.  I just love it and am so thankful for our own cozy space.  

Colin turned 30!!! Look how handsome....

2014 Recap -


Ah December.  Hosting our first party and filling our home with friends.  Shooting our last wedding of the year with a couple sweet friends (now Colin and my third wedding shot together!). Lots of time with family.  Ringing in the New Year with a cold...which I hope means I won't get sick for ALL of 2015...

Sweet year.