Monogram Coffee

Alexandra and I are lucky enough to have friends who are really good at making coffee. One of these friends is Ben Put. Alexandra knew him from her high school days and, fortunate for Colin and all those who know him, he's a champion barista. If you're lucky enough to have Ben make you a coffee, you will know what it's like to drink liquid perfection.

Lucky for you, a coffee made by Ben or one of his talented friends is not that difficult to come by.


After a recent departure from Phil & Sebastian, Ben, Jeremy, and Justin decided to start their own coffee shop. Over the last few months they've had been occupying a space in Dade Art Gallery in Inglewood. It was here that I tasted my first espresso cocktail, infused with white tea, rum, and a couple other things that I can't remember. (My was a euphoric experience.)

They've now opened their second location in their very own space! Located in Altadore (4814 16 St SW), their narrow, bright, brick space fills with light as the coffee-loving crowd sits around the single table or snuggles up to strangers on the two benches in the corner. Not feeling snuggly? It's easy to forsee Monogram becoming just like their neighbours My Favourite Ice Cream Shop where patrons crowd the shop then spill out into the parking lot to hang out on a warm summer night.

So even though Monogram has only been open for literally one day, it's become one of our favourite places in Calgary. That and they offer an amazing nut milk to those unfortunate enough to be lactose intolerant. This stuff is better than milk. It's freaking heaven.

UPDATE 03/12/2015: Apparently I didn't talk about the food and how can you blame me when the coffee is so good?? Word on the street is Monogram will have bakery items from none other than Corbeaux Bakery (the hippest place in town right now) which is important for one reason: ALMOND CROISSANTS!!1!1!

Sorry. It actually this bodes well for all food that will be served Monogram but I just get excited about ACs, you know?

The last photo was a sample of something they'll be serving at the shop, although I won't be able to accurately describe what it is since it had so many fancy ingredients and I was busy stuffing my face. Pâté, fresh bread, vegetables...that's all I can remember. But if the effort these guys put into perfecting their coffee is any indication of how they cook, then it's probably safe to assume that whatever food they serve will be delicious.

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