I've Got a Bird that Whistles

I've been able to look back at several blog updates I did when pregnant last and it's been so nice to see the similarities and differences between the two, so I've decided to keep it up, even if to a lesser degree.  Things are different, new things are being learned, and this baby is worth celebrating!

We had the big anatomy ultrasound a couple weeks ago, and I am past the halfway mark.  Time has definitely gone by quicker this time around, and while I hope it slows down a bit before baby comes, I'm not sad to see the early anxiety filled weeks go.  Little things here and there are drawing me to the person that this baby is, and I don't feel so distant from the idea of them as I did in the first trimester.  Those precious, uncomfortable kicks and rolls fill me with pride and peace.  

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And we know now that this little one is a girl!  I am so glad we decided to find out if it was a she or he, just to connect us a little more to her.  We had the ultrasound tech write it down on a card for us to take home and open with Sloane.  While I was sure I wanted to find out, I wanted to make it a little more intimate than finding out while lying on a doctor's table in a dark room with a stranger (albeit a very intelligent and helpful one).  That evening before putting Sloane to bed, we sat out on our front step and opened the envelope to discover we would be adding another girl to our world.  Sloane and I did a happy dance while Colin texted our family.  We had planned to wait to tell some of them in person a few days later, but waiting 12 hours to open that envelope had been hard enough!  I've decided to call her Birdie for now (but wouldn't mind if that nickname stuck).  Other than that, since I absolutely was sure it was a boy and we had the name already, we have very few ideas for girls names.  

Some days are smooth sailing, some days are frustrating.  The first half I mostly tried to ignore the tiredness and random symptoms to keep up with all the things, but lately feel like I just can't go as hard. I've been playing around with schedules and amounts to figure out how to best manage family, work, running, and personal time without unravelling into an exhausted, sugar-inhaling grump.

Right now I'm feeling excited about how to adapt to the impending life change.  Basically since Sloane was born I've felt less excited and more terrified about how a second child would turn life upside down.  But these days I'm trying to look for those positives we get to possibly integrate into our routine. I'm planning weekly alphabet activities for Sloane and I to do together, to hopefully give me inspiration to do more than lie on a couch and nurse a newborn in the middle of frigid February. I'm looking forward to get my moneys worth out of the pricey woven wrap that Sloane used for like two weeks. I'm imagining running with little Birdie while Sloane and Colin go for a one on one bike ride or swim.

And the photos.  Photos of my two girls.  I can hardly wait.  

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